From the Coliseum and the Roma Forums, to the Pantheon, to the Vatican, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona and much more …Rome is unmatched in its history and variety of sights. Listed in this section you can find examples of the most popular tours. Keep in mind that these are to give an idea of what is available because each person’s interests and needs will vary, each tour is personalized based on the client’s request. You can book a half day tour, which is from 3-4 hours (with a minimum of 3 hours), a full day tour (from 7-8 hours), or anything in between. Also, any walking tour can be upgraded with the hiring of a private driver. While some prefer walking and being “close to the ground,” others find hiring a driver makes the experience even more enjoyable: it shortens the connection time between different sights which lets us make the most and best use of our time.